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---  NEWS  ---  MAY 1999  ---  NEWS  ---

31-05-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added two No-CD's for: Half-Life v1.0.1.0 [US] (PC) - Thanks headHunter.
  • Added the No-CD for: X-Wing Alliance v2.01 [ENGLISH/GERMAN] (PC)
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Official F1 Racing v1.0 [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks PSXNIC & SNOWSHARK.
  • Added the No-CD for: Resident Evil 2 v1.0 [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks PSXNIC.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: South Park v1.0 (PC) - Thanks GoGo.
  • Added the No-CD for:  Warzone 2100 v1.03 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks McMoney99.
  • Added the CD-Copy/Info for: Uprising 2: Lead & Die v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks McMoney99.
30-05-99 Patches & Fixes
Here are the latest Game patches from CrossOver:
Search Engines
Added the Search Engines page to search for Game Cracks & Patches which are not (yet) available here.
29-05-99 Patches & Fixes
New Layout
The layout of the GameCopyWorld has been changed dramatically because the site was getting too big and it was too hard to manage.

For now everything seems to be working except for the Game Selector (when using Netscape). It seems that Netscape doesn't handle JavaScript as good as Internet Explorer does. If anyone has a solution for this problem please let us know!

Mailing List
If you want to stay up-to-date with the news here at GameCopyWorld then add yourself to our Mailing List. It is totally free and you can remove yourself at any time.

Enter your email address below and click the 'Join List' button:


Patches & Fixes

  • Added the CD-Copy for: Midtown Madness (PC) - Thanks TDS.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Hell-Copter v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks TDS.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Redline v1.0 [SPANISH/UK] (PC)  - Thanks KeopS.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Warzone 2100 v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks KeopS.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Corsair [FRENCH] (PC)  - Thanks PSXNIC.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: L Amerzone [FRENCH] (PC)  - Thanks PSXNIC.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: L Entraineur 3 [FRENCH] (PC)  - Thanks PSXNIC.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Warzone 2100 v1.0 [FRENCH/SPANISH/ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks PSXNIC.
23-05-99 Patches & Fixes
22-05-99 Patches & Fixes
20-05-99 Patches & Fixes
The Bleem! 1.0 Crack didn't seem to work on PC's with an AMD processor. Now Eclipse has fixed this problem! See the Bleem! page.
19-05-99 Bleem! 1.0 Crack Update
Some people reported problems using the UCF2000 cracked executable. Therefor a fixed version has been released by Backlash which fixes some problems with the debug window popup and crashing.

The fixed version and and the Bleem! Covers can be found on the seperate Bleem! page at PSX BackupWorld - Thanks Deadlock for the Update & Dogstyle for the Covers!

Bleem! 1.0 Cracked
Bleem! 1.0, the ultimate PlayStation emulator for the PC, has been cracked by UCF2000 in only one night. It seems that the protections were not as good as they hoped it would be!   Download it from PSX BackupWorld.
16-05-99 Patches & Fixes
PatchFX 1.00
PatchFX is an windows utility which is able to create a standalone patch by comparing two executables. The generated patch also has a windows interface.

This patch engines is especially helpful in eliminating these very big Fixed Executables as the patch is only about 200 kb in size!

15-05-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Die Völker v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks aCe.
  • Added the another CD-Copy for: Die Völker v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks rEdNeX.
Generic SafeDisc 2.0 Problems
Some problems have been reported with the Generic SafeDisc 2.0 Patch. Comments which games work and which don't can be send here and they will be forwarded to the Laxity guys.
12-05-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed EXE/No-CD for: Expendable v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks Samplex.
  • Added the Protection Fix for: Jagged Alliance 2 v1.01 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks SPEEDWOLF.
  • Added another Protection Fix for: Jagged Alliance 2 v1.01 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks aCe.
11-05-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Viva Football v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks RAMiREZ/NAPLES.
Generic SafeDisc 2.0 Update
Laxity released Generic SafeDisc 2.0 Patch which will bypass the latest SafeDisc protected games!
09-05-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: South Park (PC)  - Thanks Jedi Knight.
  • Added the No-CD for: GTA London 1969 v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks Alan.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Sports Car GT v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks Michael.
At the moment the MegaGames site is not reachable. We have moved the complete server to a Dedicated Sun Sparc server because of the amount of traffic going there. The PSX BackupWorld & MegaGames are still reachable using the IP Address (or use the link on the left).
PSX BackupWorld Update
XPS - XA-ISO Patch System Update
  • Added the latest XPS Files:
    • XPS Main Executable [05-05-1999]
    • MODPASS.XPS Patch #2
      This Patch now corrects the EDC/ECC so that every CD-Writers is able to write the patched CD-Image!!!
      This is an example how to create a XPS file.

Omega Boost [JAP] Action Replay Anti-Mod Codez

07-04-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Jagged Alliance 2 v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks ScoTTy & rEfleXX.
  • Added the No-CD for: Myth 2 v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks ScoTTy.
  • Added the No-CD for: Hell-Copter v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)
  • Added the No-CD for: GTA London 1969 v1.0 [US/GERMAN] (PC)
06-05-99 Patches & Fixes
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